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Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis happen every so often around the world, hand in hand with man-made calamities like war. There are numerous international relief organizations which spring into action following such occurrences, but they are focused on humanitarian efforts such as food, shelter, clean water. What is equally important but usually gets little attention is the need for immediate and long-term medical care.

IMANA Medical Relief has been in the forefront of providing emergency and long term medical relief in disaster hit areas. IMR has actively participated in medical relief work after the “Mega Four’ events of this century namely Indonesian Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake and Pakistan Earthquake & Floods, in addition to sending teams to Gaza and contributing funds after other such events.

Our first response and medical relief teams provide timely and effective medical care in the immediate aftermath. Thereafter we continue our engagement via different healthcare projects in those areas. Where necessary, IMR collaborates with other relief organizations to facilitate medical relief needs. IMR has ready access to medical personnel, supplies, and local logistics in over 30 countries, via the FIMA network, which helps in quick mobilization of resources and immediate response when such evets occur.

IMR has undertaken medical and surgical missions in various countries, among them those where it was initially involved for emergency medical work. There are a number of ongoing missions as follows:

  • SaveHaiti Medical Mission: 2-3 times a year. IMR volunteer team travels to Miragoane, an underserved rural area, and provides free treatment and medicines to local population.
  • SaveSyria Medical Mission: 4 times a year. IMR teams provide free treatment to the displaced Syrian refugees in and around Amman, Jordan.
  • SaveSyria Cataract Surgery Mission: In collaboration with UNHCR, our volunteer ophthalmologists carry out free cataract surgeries for Syrian refugees at UN camps in Jordan.
  • SaveSmile Surgical Mission: IMR plastic surgeons, physicians and assisting healthcare professionals undertake cleft lip surgeries on patients in Sudan.
  • Bangladesh Burns Mission: Our burns surgery team carries out critical burns surgeries on victims of fire incidents in Dhaka.
  • Dental Mission: In planning stage for Pakistan.

Over the years IMANA Medical Relief has helped in building hospitals, dispensaries, diagnostic centers and basic health units in different countries, in addition to providing financial grants for the operating expenses of such facilities.

  • India: IMANA helped in the building of 4 diabetes clinics, a diagnostic lab and a basic health center in Hyderabad city, and provides an annual grant for their operating expenses. Theese facilities treat over 40,000 patients annually free of charge.
  • Sri Lanka: The Ummah-IMANA medical complex was built and operates with financial assistance by IMANA. It provides free treatment to almost 12,00 patients annually.
  • Haiti: Clinic in Miragoane hosts IMR medical teams on their bi-annual trips and is attended to by a local physician weekly.
  • Bangla Desh: Construction of MAAWS-IMANA Clinic in Noakhali was done in 1993 with a financial grant by IMANA, which funds its operating expenses since then.
  • Kenya: IMANA is funding the construction of a hospital in Banane, a remote area in the Garissa region.
  • Pakistan: IMANA built several basic health units in the 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood affected areas. We have funded construction of a thalassemia laboratory in Rajanpur and a fully equipped maternity hospital in Quetta. In addition we purchased a mobile health unit which provides healthcare facility in the remote rural regions of southern Punjab, and can be quickly shifted to any calamity hit areas.

Water & Sanitation Projects

  • In Maasai territory in Kenya
  • In Haiti

Professional Development

  • Advanced specialized training for Palestinian physicians from Gaza, arranged in Malaysia
  • Placement of residents and interns
  • CMEs

Humanitarian Aid

  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Uganda
  • Central African Republic
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal