During this health crisis, it’s essential to protect and manage the mental health of you and your loved ones. IMANA’s COVID-19 Tip Sheet is the tool to help.


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Look for healthy Ramadan tips!

IMANA cares for you! For Ramadan 2020 we’re making sure you stay healthy and energized throughout the blessed month. Together let us eat right, stay healthy, and recharge our faith. Stay tuned on our social media channels! 



IMANA is proud to announce a domestic relief program to pay off medical debt. We’re committing the first $15,000 to this campaign, which will help us pay off $1.5 million in debt. That’s a 1 to 100 ratio! No one should avoid seeking medical care due to costs; so join us as we launch this effort to help alleviate the burdens of others while providing access to safe environments, equitable healthcare, and wellness.
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As we grow, we begin to recognize there’s more to the world than just us. There’s a moral and ethical imperative to do good. It’s understood through those around us who inspire us to do good. It’s also taught by those who instill their legacy within our actions.

Over the years, many of you have shared gifts in honor of and memory of others. Today, we ask you to join us in prayer as we recognize each of these individuals. Because of them, the world is a better place.

  • In honor of Dr. M. Azhar Ali from a former patient and friend.
  • In memory of Abdul Majid Khan to put a smile on Ahmed Hozain’s face.
Recognize a Loved One


Protecting the environment starts with you.
Interns, here’s your chance to be at the heart of domestic and international efforts to protect the environment and lead action on climate change with IMANA.


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