Our Mission

IMANA Medical Relief is dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through disaster response, provision of basic healthcare to underserved communities, development programs and knowledge transfer. Its missions have provided timely and effective aid for the sick and injured in several countries, while its hospitals, basic health units, clinics and collaborative projects take care of the poor and needy people. IMR provides a great platform to Muslim and non-Muslim physicians and allied healthcare professionals to participate in medical relief activities around the world.

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Meet IMANA Medical Relief Committee Members

Dr. Ismail Mehr
Dr. Ismail Mehr IMR Chairman
Dr. Imran Qureshi
Dr. Imran Qureshi IMR Vice Chairman
Dr. Parvaiz Malik
Dr. Parvaiz MalikIMR Committee Member
Dr. Hafiz ur Rehman
Dr. Hafiz ur RehmanIMR Committee Member
Dr. Khalique Zahir
Dr. Khalique ZahirIMR Committee Member
Dr. Kanwal Chaudhry
Dr. Kanwal ChaudhryIMR Committee Member
Dr. Saquib Lakhani
Dr. Saquib Lakhani IMR Committee Member
Dr. Asif Malik
Dr. Asif MalikIMR Committee Member
Dr. Labib Syed
Dr. Labib SyedIMR Committee Member
Dr. Mohammed Nadeemullah
Dr. Mohammed Nadeemullah IMR Committee Member
Mr. Ahmed Kasem
Mr. Ahmed KasemIMR Committee Member

Meet IMANA Medical Relief Staff

Mr. Zahid Mahmood
Mr. Zahid MahmoodIMR Coordinator
Mr. Akrama Hashmi
Mr. Akrama Hashmi Managing Director

International Recognitions

IMANA Medical Relief is internationally recognized as a World leader in delivering healthcare to the underserved populations.

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