Women leaders of IMANA’s past, present, & future

Women’s history month is the time to remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women, as it’s often their contributions that have made the world a better place. Join us as we recognize not just those who have served, but those working today for a better tomorrow.
Dr. Rehana Kauser
IMANA President 2005-2006
IMANA resides in its current location, a permanent office space, thanks to Dr. Kauser.  As the first female president of IMANA she was someone with their eye on the future, working to establish IMANA’s endowment to build organizational sustainability.
Dr. Abida Haque
IMANA President 2010-2011
During her term, IMANA improved its CME program, communicated with local chapters, and reorganized headquarters in addition to the development of an international collaborative education program.
Dr. Marium Husain
IMANA Board of Directors (2015 to present)
Dr. Husain started as a resident with IMANA, working on the Students and Residents Committee. She helped produce many articles and statements, while helping on the Education Committee and serving as Treasurer. She will soon be President in 2021.
Dr. Anam Tariq
IMANA Board of Directors (2019 to present)
Dr. Tariq was central to the development of IMANA’s mentorship project, a tool that helps mentors and mentees connect and build a pipeline to get involved with our organization.

The future is female.

Did you know that 63% of IMANA staff are women? Together, they work hard to support the volunteers and partners making an impact on behalf of IMANA around the globe.

Kiran Fatima | CME Coordinator/ Web Developer

Malaika Vickers | Administrative Assistant

Nida Saleem | Development Director

Qudsiya Siddiqui | Multimedia Communications Specialist

Sara Grond | Executive Assistant

An all-women team took on the #SavePakistan Mission!

What better way to celebrate our incredible female volunteers than to send an all-women team to Swat Valley, coinciding with International Women’s Day, for our #SavePakistan Mission?

This past week, our team worked in the northern Swat Valley in Pakistan to address the lack of access to basic healthcare services for residents. Last year, with your support, in our very first such mission we provided healthcare to 1,672  vulnerable patients who were facing health challenges in that remote area. 

During this #SavePakistan Mission IMANA Medical Relief and its partner Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) worked in unison to improve health care facilities and support the residents in the district.


The mission of the IMANA is to “foster health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance in communities around the world…” This week the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic, prompting us to begin a weekly update on Coronavirus for our community here in this email.

New Resource List
Our leadership team has compiled the most essential information regarding the outbreak of a novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), including statements from IMANA and other faith leaders. We’ll continue to update this resource as further information is made available.

There are now two new recorded webinars available from IMANA with invaluable information on Coronavirus. See our Resource List for both webinars from Dr. Uzma Syed, infectious-disease specialist, and the other with Dr. Omar Lattouf, Dr. Laura Badwan and moderated by Dr. Nabile Safdar.


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